I survived my French presentation (although my professor says I really need to improve my elocution. And I know. It always feels like I’m talking around a potato when I speak French, like I can’t form the stupid words :c).

If you don’t hear from me by saturday, this week dragged me to hell and if you ever want me back you’ll have to make a blood sacrifice.

I’m going to be giving a presentation en francais on the still devolving situation in Ukraine.

I don’t think its a terrible presentation.

I hope it isn’t a terrible presentation.

…please let this not be a terrible presentation.

my poor baby brother. he tried to tell me how busy he was and how hard high school is and my exact words to him were you don’t know what hell is yet.

i just have to get through tomorrow and then i’m gonna come home, sit down, slowly fall  onto my side, curl into a little ball and weep.

that moment when you realize your take home final due thursday is much longer than you expected.

30,000 characters total.

challenge grudgingly accepted


“There is foreboding of a civil war in #Ukraine,” Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev posted today.”

I need to fucking lie down.


On my alma mater’s Overheard page:

"Yaoi? Isn’t that another name for God?"

…oh you sweet, sweet summer child.

i’m gonna be finding croissant crumbs in weird places for the next day i think