I feel like this entire fic is just an extended version of what you mean.

But yes, I have hit that point and it’s terrible. So terrible :(

I wish I could give you a concrete example but I feel like there’s too many…

We’ve all heard the saying “life goes on” but for those who are caught in trauma, the sad truth is that life simply doesn’t move on … Imprints of the trauma follow you everywhere … The present is always being influenced by the past.

Jasmin Lee Cori (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

The sad thing about this fic is, that I doubt people will even read it. Like, not only is it a really niche pairing but it is also about three bajillion pages long already and it drags in some parts so I know it’ll be a pain in the ass to read. also i haven’t written fic in so long i think a lot of people assume that i have forgotten how (ps——you wouldn’t be wrong)

I mean, I could stop writing and just save myself the pain.

but my momma didn’t raise a quitter.

…and i should probably try this whole “not quitting” thing

(PS: and yes this fic exists. check it:


i came out here to write a fic about two fictional personifications of countries dick-touching and honestly i’m doing more research than i wanted to

in theory i’m old enough to get my own food, but it is much more satisfying to wander around the house saying feed meeee in between staring forlornly into the fridge

you know, for all i lust over hemingway, i never finished one of his novels

no, i had time to think about this, and i really really really want a Hemingway version of all of Dr. Suess’s books

fucking imagine it