there needs to be a long mertober fic based off that gercan-ish prompt where ludwig was a scientist and matthew was a rambunctious little mermaid/shit.

and matthew teases scientist ludwig and ludwig thinks the merman is just a jerk and then he switches divisions.

then cue sad merman pining and matthew singing his sorrow for a full week and then finally alfred (the lead scientist) comes storming into ludwig’s new office and goes for crying out loud, he’s just repeating your name over and over, just come back please.

fun fact: matthew was the worst singer in his pod (but still better than humans)

fun fact 2: he has no lyrical ability so he literally just sings ludwig’s name over and over in varying notes and alfred only knows bc he studied ancient merlanguages (shut up it is a thing)

and ludwig sighs and comes back, just to see what all the fuss is, and he finds matthew, sulking and unhappy, and hair uncombed, and when he comes up to the enclosure, matthew drags him in.

and ludwig is like i’m going to die

but when he opens his eyes matthew is clinging to him like a life vest and they’re floating in the middle of the tank.

and ludwig transfers back to this division and matthew is a much better behaved merman

although if ludwig takes too long a lunch, matthew immediately starts up with his singing again (and ludwig has to woo him over again with a tuna salad sandwich from the deli across the street)

That mertober fic made me cry manly tears. Hope you're happy.
AnonymousAsked by Anonymous

Its ok, friend. It made me cry, too. Not manly tears, but weepy baby tears.

I’m happy but I’m also not happy ;3;

As a follower from something like 2012, I have to say that I still love your fics and even if they don't come as often as they used to, it's always such a treat to read what you write. Also, I love the GerCan!! Please keep up the great work Miss Gia!
AnonymousAsked by Anonymous

Oh gosh, awww, since 2012???

Oh goodness, thanks so much sweetheart! And thank you for sticking around <3


I just want one cute, short little merfic idea for Mertober next month, but so far all my brain’s provided me with (with some prodding of pretty pictures by Gia) is a) jilted mortal sea witch/clueless merboy death, b) reverse Little Mermaid where the human tries to become one of the merfolk with serious and extremely painful body modification surgery, and c) post-apolocalyptic journey by foot across a frozen sea, where the human in question is being stalked by a mutated merman who keeps coming up through the thin patches of ice each night and trying to seduce/coax the human out of his protective equipment/drive the human crazy by stopping him from getting any sleep/eat the human.

Real cute, I know.

Gia, I swear this is somehow all your fault.

I refuse to take any responsibility, Shacha. I sent you the pretty pictures and  then you told me some of your merideas and then i may or may not have killed matthew and ludwig in a twisted little mermaid au.

Clearly, you are to blame, madam.

PS: I really really really like idea C. :3c



i’ve missed your merfics

like woah

ok, first of all, I saw the first panel and i was like omg what is smi doing, who is that, what’s going on, is that arthur? hahaah what a loser—-

and then i realized, oh wait.

and then it got too real ;3; great job, darlin, you got every detail down and that’s exactly how i imagined the scene going down (actually arthur is a hell of a lot more terrifying—-he was originally described a hobo but now you made him look like a sea witch, gosh your art is so good and scary :’D)

but also look at matthew’s face, so perfect

*sends you a thousand weepy smooches*

I kinda want to add to the whole Canada/Wendigo thing. Look up the Cree, Swift Runner. He was a normal man who worked as a Trapper that lived in Alberta. Though, one day, he killed his family (6 people), cooked and ate them. The people around there didn't have to think hard to conclued that he was possessed by a Wendigo. Wendigos are considered a Cryptid. Not scientifically documented but could possibly exist, like Big Foot or Loc Ness. Living in Canada I don't question the existance of Wendigos
scarletpathAsked by scarletpath

Oh, thanks! Yeah, I’ve looked him up! And, I agree with your point and, for yesterday’s anon, the widespread belief in wendigos in Canada is just….there. Hell, Margaret Atwood mentioned it in her CanLit book which means it must be true.

This is all great stuff you guys, thanks. 

Oh, btw, I am never visiting Canada, hahaha no thank you.

GerCan (mertober fic) —- i will find any way to your wild heart


(hahaha holy shit what is this wow. god. read the tags for warnings and lets start mertober a little early, ok? ok. its mertober eve sort of, but lets do this mermaid fairy tale au. and listen to the bleacher’s “wild heart”

edit: also shachaai & i talked about sea witches and merboys but i don’t think this is what she meant….)


It was a small ceremony, as small as it possibly could be.  They couldn’t actually marry, not yet, and they both knew this although it was Matthew who seemed to regret it the most.

Gilbert had been the one to ‘marry’ them, the family’s bible coming out of its oak case just for the occasion. There was no one at the ceremony. Matthew had no family and Ludwig didn’t want to wait and invite the rest of his.

Maybe he should have waited.

But Gilbert was there, the ocean was there, and it was the sort of wedding Ludwig didn’t think he’d ever have. The wedding wasn’t even planned, at least Ludwig didn’t think about it when he picked Matthew up at the airport. Matthew coincidently had a performance in the city where Ludwig was teaching for the semester. Gilbert was already living there.

“I hate flying. I hate the ocean. I thought it would never end.” Matthew had gratefully slid under Ludwig’s umbrella, pulling the other man down for a kiss. “And I hate the rain.”

“You told me you love the rain.”

“I love it when I’m inside, naked in bed with you.” Matthew kept looking from side to side as they crossed the street. “I don’t love being in it.”

“I love you.”

Matthew paused, giving him an unreadable look. Ludwig blinked at him. It was hardly the first time he said those words, and Matthew was the one to say them first. But now Matthew, with his deep fathomless eyes, didn’t say anything, his mouth tender and fingertips tracing the sharp edge of Ludwig’s jaw.

“I love you,” Matthew whispered, right there in the middle of the sidewalk as they walked to the metro. “You, you unbearably sincere, handsome man. They tell me I sing with the finest voices in the world, but none of them have your honesty.”

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