I drove down to the Ozarks (I want to say the asshole of Missouri but lets save that for St. Louis—-hahah, Kansas City 4ever) (jk they’re probably both terrible in their own ways and at least the Ozarks has a lake. i think lake beats river any day. probably. except the water can kill you. or give you mutant powers. idk but there’s something not legit in that water but i digress) and I got lost because google maps decided to fuck with me and so I called my aunt who I was meeting at her office.

And when I got there, one of the nurses was like “oh your aunt told us you’d be late. she said you got lost”

Me: yeah….

Her: oh bless your heart

Me: …


Me to my aunt: One of your nurses called me an idiot.

I feel like I haven’t been on or that I’ve been too busy languishing (yes, on a couch) from my Very Justified Feelings, ans so I haven’t posted anything of worth.

Well, my nana is visiting and she’s a font of stories. Today she told me when I was a baby, my mom left us in the car and I demanded to be put in the drivers seat. I demanded both the keys and my mom’s sunglasses, and because my nana says she could never deny me, I got to wear the sunglasses and put the key in the ignition.

Apparently I waited 5 min and when nothing happened I started to cry because apparently I did all the things my mom did to drive the car but it didn’t work and so naturally I wept (apparently long drawn out not-baby sobs, also mimicking one of my aunts).

…that definitely sounds like me, not gonna lie.

My mother, talking about/to my baby cousin: And no one ever pays attention to what my darling wants.

Me: [direct stare into the camera]

that is a real ball-puncher of a prompt, anon

a real ball-puncher

I had an interesting idea for a story. I like the idea that in the Omega verse, everyone is pretty much Pansexual. But what if Matthew was an Asexual Omega? Having the Heats but unable to react to the scents of Alphas and Betas. I would imagine it would be very stressful for him when Alphas try to show their disire for him. Not to mention that they would be upset and confused that Matthew wasn't reacting they way he 'should'.
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Okay, full disclosure, I don’t know that much about asexuality, but I would be intrigued about seeing how it is handled in Omega verse.

Also, I saw this ask first thing this morning and it made me incredibly sad for like half the day. Like, “stressful” feels like an understatement to me.

Matthew is literally stuck between one biological rock and another biological hard place. I mean, I figure it can’t be as miserable as its worded but imagine the first or second heat and Matthew just can’t and he’s being courted, and, poor kid, he’d be so upset and confused and just so goddamn anxious because I bet his situation wasn’t covered in those sex ed pamphlets.

Man, a story from the POV of Matthew’s alpha trying to navigate a relationship where (s)he’s respectful and understanding but also struggling to accept and be patient because Matthew’s struggling and they’re trying to set out the boundaries and rules of their relationship, compromising so Matthew doesn’t ever feel forced/”unnatural” and so that the alpha knows that it isn’t a lack of affection, just Matthew not being able to react.

Like, the pair of them knowing how an ideal pair should behave and be, and coming to terms with the fact that that is not them and they just have to find their own ideal. Never mind their families, never mind what they learned.

It is a very interesting idea, anon. Thank you for sharing it. You’ve given me something new to think about.

I’m just going to butt in and make this worse/take what’s already here up to eleven. :D

Back in 2011, Siggy did a census of the asexual community. (Anon, if you haven’t read it already, you should! Lots of interesting correlations, and Siggy did well at explaining things in a way non-stats people [like me] could understand.) 65% of asexual respondents were sex-repulsed, and only 1% actually said they enjoyed sex. Even though certain parts of the real world community *cough*AVEN*cough* are very pro-compromise, pro-“fuck your partner to make them happy,” that’s a pretty massive repulsion rate.

Plus there’s a chunk of the ace community that feels uncomfortable when we receive any kind of sexual attention. (And by “uncomfortable” I mean “dysphoric” and “do not want.”) It’s not everyone, but I keep finding more and more references to it over the last three months.

Given the stats at play, Omega!Matthew is probably sex-repulsed. Given that drugs and hormones tend to affect libidos, not orientation, he’s probably still going to be repulsed when he’s in heat. Just because I’m an asshole, let’s make him hate himself whenever people treat him like a sexual being.

Now you have:

  1. A partner who wants to fulfill their instincts (and human compassion) to help protect Matthew and care for him while he’s upset, even if it’s not a dubcon sex scenario, but who’s not ace and can’t help appreciating the sight/smell/sound of their omega in heat.
  2. Matthew, who’s been dealing with things well enough on his own thank you very much, hating his partner a little bit more every heat because of things neither of them can control. Even if he gives in to societal pressure and biological compulsions, he’s not going to full-heartedly enjoy it at the time and he’s going to hate himself when he sobers up.

It’s lose-lose, you’re welcome. :)

weeps into hands

why do i still want to read this

will u ever finish strange bedfellows or any other of those fics from ffnet
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no, probably not

i read the sorrows of young werther so don’t you ever fucking tell me germany doesn’t pine manfully.

my favorite gercan is where germany is pining manfully and canada is like please don’t leave me with him he’s gross he eats sauerkraut arthur please come back don’t leave me with him