(based off Annie & Kiro baby moose prince matt art)

The snows are melting and the sun is high in the sky. Matthew jumps into a puddle, mud and slush splattering over the fur lining the bottom of his coat.

With a grin, he keeps running, not looking back even though his nurse is shrieking at him to stop running and making a mess of his clothes.

Eventually, he runs so far that he can’t hear her shouts anymore and he stops, panting, little legs aching from running so hard.

He falls to his knees, onto some wet grass, and breathes heavily.

It’s quiet all around him. The forest is still silent, slow to wake on the eve of spring. Matthew likes it, though. He hates being in the too warm castle, stuck at a desk, writing and rewriting and reciting and re-reciting ancient laws and codes from battered tomes.

He likes being outside, in his future lands. He’s tired of his mother’s frozen garden.

There’s the sound of someone slipping in mud behind him and he whirls around, blond curls bouncing. He immediately goes for the toy dagger at his waist.

Matthew sees another boy.

“Are you a centaur?” He asks, awed. He stands up and carelessly tries to wipe the bits of grass off his breeches. He still has large wet patches on his knees.

“I’m a moose.” The boy retorts, struggling to get up from the mud. He gets up on wobbly, thin legs and then slips, falling on his rear. His legs are all tangled and his hair is mussed and he looks like he’s about to cry.

Matthew giggles and, immediately, abashed, covers his mouth.

The other looks at him, hurt, lips trembling. “Do you know who I am?” He demands. He’s bare-chested and thin, a heavy fur draped over his shoulders. “I’m the Moose Prince! I’m going to be Moose King and you’re trespassing in my woods!”

“I’m a prince, too.” Matthew says, shyly, wandering over. He touches the other’s ears, feeling the soft fur between his fingers.

The Moose Prince’s ears twitch and he turns pink. “Stop that!”

“They’re really cute.” Matthew says. “Also, these are going to be my woods.”

The other looks offended, mouth dropping open. “No, they’re mine.”

“Nope.” The human corrects kindly with a bright smile. “But I’ll share them with you.”

The Moose Prince looks like he might still argue but Matthew grabs his hands and tries to pull him up.

“My name’s Matthew.”

“Matt.” The Moose Prince mumbles, cheeks pink. He’s still unsteady on his feet, taller than Matthew. But Matthew’s still holding his hands and neither let go.

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